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World Agility Open 2012 - Belgium - Moe & Kyna

"Put yourself in a state of mind where you say to yourself, 'Here is an opportunity for me to celebrate like never before, my own power, my own ability to get myself to do whatever is necessary'."  -Martin Luther King


October 2012 
" I wanted to make sure I took the time to properly thank you. I am sure you hear this all the time but I enjoyed the seminar immensely.  You broke things done it a way that was so easy to understand and made so much sense.  You also made me realize how many skills Grady and I need work on.  I love to constantly be challenged and strive to be the best team we possibly can be."  Karen & Grady

September 2012  "I have to let you know that your HUGE contribution to all my dogs and to all my student's dogs has not as much to do with agility per se, but everything to do with successful dog training.  You taught me to establish and maintain criteria.  In Tuck's case, it saved his life (he could have easily ended up euthanized--he is way too much dog--I am NOT kidding here).  It also has enabled the two of us to have soooo much fun together!!  You don't know it, but I actually thank you daily!  Keep doing what you do, Moe.  Trickle down does work in training!!!  Rise & Tuck

September 2012  "Well, I'm all done at Cynosports, and we exceeded our goals.  Many clean runs, a few runs with only one bobble, and only one run that was really messed up.  I've got to say thank you — we never ever would have done so well had it not been for your instruction. " Joan and Murray


July 2012  "Hi Moe,  I've been meaning to let you know that both Carrie and Tessa made the Invitationals this year.  Tess #2 lab, Carrie #5....Meanwhile, Sierra was #1 Preferred dog in the Country across all breeds. The last time I ran a report in mid May.   Wooohooo... And thanks to your training!"  Angela and the Labs

April 2012  "To all my wonderful students... I had the pleasure of seeing Moe at her finest last weekend for AKC Nationals...  Below are links to a couple of her runs... Please take a moment to watch in amazment!  She is an exceptonal handler!!!  There were approximately 300 Border Collies in the Nationals this year... Want an awesome acheivement!!!  Hybrid Placed 3rd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do9ZalBJE60&feature=channel  Challenger Round  1st place http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZSVpngogwQ&feature=relmfu  Hoppy Easter everyone!"  Debby Wheeler

"I thought I had covered all bases covered when it came to teaching the teeter, even to small dogs but Moe helped me fill in some gaps that I was definitely lacking in training my own students!" Webb Anderson, Owner/Instructor Agile K9s

June 2010  "Thanks again for the great weekend. Seriously. It is one of the best seminars I've been to--and that includes obedience seminars and I ve been to a zillion of those. Definitely sign me up for next year."
Tracy Libby
White Mountain Australian Shepherds

January 2010  "I took my Standard Schnauzer puppy through your foundation seminar in Bend last summer. It was so great that I retrained my older (and I do mean older) dog. This weekend in Portland we accomplished something a year ago I thought would be impossible for me...because I can't run and have a fast dog: a qualifying score in EXCELLENT and a 2nd place ribbon!! THANK YOU for inspiring me to go for it!! And yes the puppy is still in training and is going to be awesome. Hope to see you in Oregon again soon. I'm ready for more that the basics now."
Rise A Quay
Uhlan Standard Schnauzers

August 2009   "I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with Moe's seminar & class. I am so glad you convinced me to go. I think it was better that I audited the class as I wasn't worrying so much about how my dogs would do and I could concentrate on what she was saying!! I hope Moe comes again!" Ginny

June 2009  "My boys are already dragging me to the weave poles to work on our entry exercises and enjoying our new games!" Christine DeClerk