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You can see Moe and her dogs in action on her YouTube Channel here.

Moe Strenfel is the owner of Momentum Dog Sports, offering dog agility training for the hobbyist to the serious-minded competitor. She is one of three current instructors at Morgan Hill Dog Sports in San Martin, CA as well as teaching for ACE Dog Sports in San Francisco. Moe has taught at Power Paws Summer and Winter Camps as well as Clean Run Instructor Camps. She has written for Clean Run Magazine and currently travels throughout North America teaching agility workshops and seminars. She is the author of the best selling DVD “The Road to a Perfect Partnership, Foundation Training for Agility”. Moe coaches teams ranging from Rhodesian Ridgebacks to Shebu Inus to Airedales to all Americans.

Moe studied traditional dog training philosophies before being introduced to operant conditioning (OC) at a 1994 Karen Pryor seminar. In 1998, she fully embraced OC training through a series of five operant conditioning workshops working with chickens from Bob and Marian Bailey.  Moe has continued to develop her knowledge in terms of training techniques and handling skills from experts like Greg and Laura Derrett, Susan Salo, Nancy Gyes, Jim Basic and Susan Garrett.  

Prior to becoming an instructor, Moe had been practicing agility with her own dogs for over 17 years.  She has put the highest AKC and USDAA titles on four different breeds:  Boxer, Border Collie, Mini Aussie and Whippet.  She has competed for many years at nationals in USDAA, AKC and UKI. She was a member of the gold medal winning WAO Team USA that competed in Belgium in May 2012.  

Before starting her own agility company, Moe established the animal behavior department for the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, one of the largest public animal shelters on the west coast, and served as their behaviorist for over 12 years. Under her guidance, behavior modification programs were developed for shelter pets that would have ordinarily been euthanized. She developed over twenty behavioral handouts and guides for the public and was a sought after consultant by local media, utility companies and other animal organizations.

Her own training philosophy emphasizes essential analysis, consistency, play, humor, and continuous teamwork. She can empathize with the handler who is not always physically capable to “run” but helps teams build distance skills early in their partnership to provide the same success as “younger” teams. She can help handlers learn to strategize critical handling points on course and then use effective training to maximize the dog’s individual effort which then allows the handler to meet the four legged team member at those critical handling points. She has an excellent eye for details and the ability to break behavior down into simple training exercises.

Moe in Chicken Training Workshop

Moe and her teacher, the chicken!

 You can find more out about her dogs here.

Excerpt from Cool Canine Article written by Angela Sutton:
  "The key to Moe's winning success in the ring is speed and accuracy. This is the combination of good foundation training and a consistent handling system. Moe combines her understanding of how individual dogs learn, with these operant conditioning techniques learnt from the Bailey's and their chickens. The dog learns to volunteer behaviors in incremental yet precise steps during their foundation training, be it hitting the weave entry correctly the first time or driving fast to the very end of the contact zone. To that, Moe has added consistent handling cues – an agility handling system popularized by England’s Greg Derrett.  The end result is very exact behavior in response to specific handler cues." See entire article here.


Jammer - photo by Marcy Mantell

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."
John Wooden