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These lectures last from 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours. They are truly a multi-media experience with Power Point slides, video clips and audience discussion & participation.

Moe explaining contacts - photo by Richard ToddHere are just a few of the topics that Moe has lectured on in workshops and at Clean Run Instructor Camp:

  • Understanding Weave Poles - the dog's perspective
  • Training Weave Poles - start to finish
  • Crosses & Turns for Agility Handling
  • Operant Conditioning - what is it is?
  • Agility Foundation & Groundwork
  • Training the Rollercoaster (Teeter Training)

Here is what people are saying:

"I have seen this presentation twice now. It really is more like a weave documentary then a "this is the best and only way to teach weaving" talk. I now have a deeper general knowledge base about the challenges that dogs face when learning to weave fast and correctly. I find it much easier to help my students with weave issues as result of being able to identify which part of the puzzle had become the big challenge for the dog. I wish all my students would attend this presentation before they teach their dog to weave!"  Sandy Rogers, Owner/Instructor ACE Dog Sports

"After attending Moe's weave pole lecture. I practice with my dog Myka, who for five years has had problems with the weave poles. No more crossed legs while weaving, now Myka has rhythm while doing the weave poles! A dog who did not look forward to weaves, is now pulling me to go do the weaves."  Peggy Clark, Owner/InstructorWestside Agility

"I attended Moe's Training the Teeter lecture. I thought I had covered all bases covered when it came to teaching the teeter, even when teaching small dogs but Moe helped me fill in some gaps that I was definitely lacking in training my own students!" Webb Anderson, Owner/Instructor Agile K9s


Kindle & Moe using play to reinforce behaviors - photo by Marcy Mantell"No matter what the level of your ability, you have more potential than you can ever develop in a lifetime."  James T. McCay