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3 disc DVD set of foundation trainingWhat people are saying:

"I have just started the Moe DVD and love it! She is very clear about her objectives and is easy to follow. I can see why you would want all your students to have it as it reinforces all that you teach. And it makes me look forward to training my next agility dog!" Diane, student of Mary Van Wormer, Instructor Great Start Agility @ Nunes Agility Field; Turlock, CA

" I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your DVD "Foundation Training for Agility". This feedback is based just Disc 1 and the clear, concise downloaded written material. While I am not starting in agility I definitely need to go back and establish many foundation skills and brush up on others. Thanks for a useful and well-presented DVD." Trudie Julien, France

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Welcome to Momentum Dog Sports

Clicking Into Brilliant Teamwork!

Momentum Dog Sports is a premier dog agility training company that is owned and operated by Maureen "Moe" Strenfel. Momentum Dog Sports is based out of San Jose, California with locations in the North and South Bay.

We offer dog agility training for the hobbyist to the serious-minded competitor. From purebred dogs to the All American variety, from tiny dogs to giant dogs, all types of dogs can enjoy and benefit from agility training.

Momentum Dog Sports offers a wide range of services: from group classes to sports video analysis, from sport puppy consultations to weave pole workshops, from Power Point lectures to private lessons.

Get more detailed information on services we offer here.

Jammer - photo by MoeMomentum Dog Sports uses only scientific training methods; operant conditioning and classical conditioning to shape behaviors specific to the sport of dog agility. We are dedicated to the advancement of all animal training using primarily positive reinforcement.

If you are not familiar with us and your first contact with us is online, we invite you to explore our site. 

You can see Moe and her dogs in action on her YouTube Channel here.


Jammer - photo by Marcy Mantell
"Sports are 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration." Johnny Miller